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Most Common Childhood Disorder increased by 43% since 2003!

Childhood ADHD

ADHD is classified as a neurobehavioral disorder. According to the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, twelve percent of U.S. children and teens had a diagnosis of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in 2011, a number that has jumped by 43 percent since 2003, making it one of the most common childhood disorders. Between 66 and 85 percent of these children maintain the diagnosis into adolescence and adulthood. Yet, both the rate at which children are diagnosed with ADHD, and the existence of the disorder, have proven controversial, with many critics alleging that doctors are now too quick to slap children with the label. The implications of the controversy are significant: treatment of children with ADHD runs between $36 billion and $52 billion per year in the United States. Children diagnosed with ADHD are more likely to miss school, have trouble learning, suffer from injury, have troubled relationships with family and peers, or experience side effects from the toxic drugs prescribed to them (the side effect list is longer then this blog).

Dr. Carrick, a leader in Neurologically based Chiropractic, says that "ADHD is caused by a problem with the reticular activating system-the attention center of the brain. Its other functions include vision, hearing, and preservation of older genetic traits." If ADHD is a nervous system problem, then Neurologically based Chiropractors can offer a natural solution.

Covering up the symptoms cannot be the best standard of care in 2017, right? The Traditional symptom/drug model seems especially limited in view of the recent discoveries in neurology. Breakthroughs in the 1990's gave scientists insight into how the neurological system works, says Dr. Smith. "Brains are not static entities. The brain grows-it has plasticity, which is the basis of the ability to learn. If you stimulate the brain, it will cause plastic changes." This theory has laid the foundation for chiropractic neurologists who, unlike other neurology specialists, treat patients without medications or surgery. "Chiropractic neurologists are trained to identify the hypo-functioning part of the brain and apply correct treatment modalities to stimulate brain growth through plasticity," says Dr. Smith. "As chiropractors, we identify subluxations and different sensory stimuli that specifically affect the deficient hemisphere and thus help normalize brain function."

With less nerve interference, sensory stimuli travels to the brain uninterrupted to allow for better mood, focus, and an increased ability to learn. Neurologically based Chiropractic at Pure Chiropractic can offer someone in your family or close to you a natural solution to a condition plaguing this next generation. To find out if nerve interference is changing how your body is functioning visit us at Pure Chiropractic, in the beautiful city of Downers Grove.

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