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Dr. Erick Dobrzynski DC


Dr. Erick Dobrzynski was actually a nuclear medicine technologist prior to becoming a chiropractor; he had spent the first few years of his professional career working in the sick care model in Chicago.  He was led into the Chiropractic profession by way of his own health, having dealt with severe shoulder pain that almost prevented him from doing the things he loves to do  He finally relented to consulting with a Chiropractor. 

Dr. Erick had success and healing, and was then motivated to find out how it all worked so that he could serve in the same capacity.  So with that, he moved down to California where he went to Chiropractic school and went from being a nuclear engineer to being a spinal engineer, working on the greatest machine of all…the human body.


Dr. Erick Dobrzynski is a member of the International Chiropractic Association and the CCA. He has attended countless adjusting seminars with masters in the profession and was a leader on campus for teaching specific adjustments. Dr. Erick has a huge passion for teaching about the spine and the nervous system as well as the body’s ability to heal itself.


Dr. Erick specializes at detecting any nervous system interference the body may have and removing it! Dr. Erick is trained in the Webster Technique and treats pregnant moms and babies!

Dr. Erick has a big heart for the community of Downers Grove and is excited to serve you and your family with specific scientific Chiropractic care.

Candace Dobrzynski


Candace is the Office Manager and Co-founder of Pure Chiropractic.

Before Dr. Erick and Candace started their journey to open Pure Chiropractic, Candace graduated with a degree in Psychology and was working in the field as a Behavioral Health Specialist.

She has always had a passion to serve others. Candace has loved bringing Principled Chiropractic to the city of Downers Grove alongside her husband and their daughter Vada.

Karen Boice

Karen is a Chiropractic Assistant. She  has always been passionate about helping others. She came from a career in restaurants, and found a new way of serving people at Pure Chiropractic. She is a certified instructor in Krav Maga. Her goal is to help people get healthier and gain confidence.


Jax is the official greeter at

Pure Chiropractic. 

He's great at playing kids and sharing his toys. His goal is to make sure everyone that walks through our doors feels welcomed and appreciated.


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