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Chiropractic and Immunity!


School is back in session and the colder months are on their way which can only mean one thing….COLD AND FLU SEASON IS COMING! So, right now is the perfect time to start building up your immune system because sickness occurs when your immune system is depressed. And the best way to increase your immune function and decrease sick days is through Chiropractic!

Your nervous system is in direct contact with your immune system every second of every day of your life to monitor and regulate its activity. This means your immune system will only work as well as your nervous system works. For example, let’s say your spine is not in proper alignment and is only functioning at around 75%. This means that not only is your nervous system functioning at 75% but so is your immune system!

A recent study that was published in the Chiropractic and Manual Therapies journal, researchers discovered that chiropractic care has a strong positive impact on the body and immune system. The study found that participants who received just one single chiropractic spinal alignment experienced significant improvements in immune system functioning. After the very first adjustment, the participants’ production and overall count of white blood cells increased. Since these specialized cells are responsible for fighting off all the things that make us sick, it is statistically significant support that chiropractic care can help fend off a cold.

Another study by NYU found that those who were under chiropractic care experienced 200% greater immune function than participants who were not under care.

If you are already feeling a little under the weather don’t suppress your symptoms! You may have a fever, runny nose, drowsiness, or coughing but that means your body is fighting off your sickness. Instead of turning to the medicine cabinet to kill or cover up your symptoms, get adjusted to regulate them!

As cold and flu season approaches, let Pure Chiropractic give your body the immune boost you need to conquer it! 

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