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Are you Suffering from Allergies?

Did you know that the most common immune disorder is an allergic reaction? The world allergy organization estimates that about 30-40% of the worldwide population is affected by one or more allergic conditions such as eczema, rhino-conjunctivitis, asthma and potentially life-threatening allergies to foods, drugs and other substances. What exactly is an allergic reaction? An allergic reaction is the body's natural defense mechanism designed to keep out foreign invaders. Some of the most common ways your body has an allergic reaction is through watery, itchy eyes, sneezing, skin rashes, or it could get even worse resulting in swollen airways which can be life threatening. Usually when this happens the first reaction is to find those medications that rid of these symptoms. Does this really make sense though? When taking these medications most believe they are ridding themselves of the allergies when in actuality they are shutting down their immune system that is trying to rid our bodies of these foreign substances. According to Robert Mendelsohn, M.D., "You can depend on most doctors to largely ignore the cause ... unfortunately, their treatment is often worse than the disease, especially since the relatively safe folk-measures of yesteryear have been replaced by the sophisticated, dangerous drugs of modern medicine."

Okay, so I know you are probably thinking, how does Chiropractic help allergies? Chiropractic care allows the immune system to function more effectively by relieving stress on the areas of the nervous system that are in control of the organs that support immune function. Through Chiropractic care, we remove vertebral subluxations, a common spinal distortion that puts stress on your nervous system. Once your nervous system is rid of stress, your body will work more effectively to counteract the allergy-producing chemicals in your environment. As Dr. Kurt Donsback has said: "A healthy body is capable of neutralizing these toxic substances and a body which has malfunctioning defense mechanisms cannot. The emphasis on allergies must be on building a healthy body, not on trying to use evasive tactics by eliminating all the allergens."

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