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Reduce Blood Pressure...The Natural Way!

Chiropractic Care and Blood Pressure

Chiropractic Care in America has gone through many changes since it's inception in 1895 by Dr. DD Palmer. In an attempt to become more widely accepted Chiropractic has transitioned itself into what many people now know Chiropractic to be. It has become the most efficient, cost effective profession in the world to manage pain. I am sorry to say but this is not Chiropractic. Pain is a real thing that needs to be managed but Chiropractors don't go to school to manage pain. Fortunately, in more recent years there has been a surge within Subluxation Based Chiropractic where Chiropractors are looking to the spine for the cause of disease. Bringing back the type of Chiropractic that got the sickest of the sick well, and not just those with neck pain and headaches. 

Chiropractors are expected to see at least 1 myocardial infarction during the a lifetime of being a Chiropractor and there are growing numbers of research connecting Neurologically Based Chiropractic to benefits within the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. Dr. Dwain M. Daniel. Research indicates that regular chiropractic adjustments may prevent heart attacks, lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, relieve chest pain and support the cardiovascular system, according to the Palmer Chiropractic College.

Studies at the College investigated the effects of chiropractic treatment on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in reference to an analysis of heart rate variability. Findings indicated that chiropractic adjustments do lower participant's mean heart rate.

Chiropractic treatment also has a significant effect on blood pressure and anxiety levels, according to a study reported in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. The study examined systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels and patients' anxiety levels before and after an adjustment. In all cases, those subjects who received active treatment experienced a distinct drop in blood pressure and a decrease of their anxiety levels. There have been other chiropractic studies that have delivered better results with lowering blood pressure with one upper cervical chiropractic adjustment than the top 2 blood pressure medications in combination. Results of this study provide evidence that chiropractic treatment offers support to the cardiovascular system.

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