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Doing this 1 Thing can Lower Hospital Visits, Surgeries, and Pharmaceutical Costs by up to 85%!

Sick Care System

Here is an overview of a 7 year study conducted by an Integrative Medicine Independent Physician Association. The study was over 7 years and was conducted to see what, if any, results chiropractic care has when used as a primary or first choice option by patients.

Starting in 1999, and stemming over a 7-year period of time, a major Illinois HMO participated in a bold study where chiropractors would serve as primary care physicians in its network. The statistics we're carefully gathered and analyzed to ensure accuracy. Surveys were descriptively analyzed for clinical utilization, cost offsets, and member satisfaction compared with conventional medical IPA normative values. The results are not only verifiable they also remain unrefuted to this day.

Here is an exact quote

“Results: Clinical and cost utilization based on 70,274 member-months over 7-year period demonstrated;

  • Decreases of 60.2% in-hospital admissions,

  • 59% less hospital days,

  • 62% less outpatient surgeries and procedures, and

  • 85% less pharmaceutical cost when compared with conventional medicine IPA performance for the same health maintenance organization product in the same geography and time frame”

The results of his study surprised even those who conducted it.

“I have always believed that the over-utilization of pharmaceuticals and surgery, and the under-utilization of more natural healing techniques, such as chiropractic, has been the cause of great suffering. Yet, I had no idea that magnitude of both clinical improvements and cost effectiveness would approach 50% in both cases”

Neurologically based Chiropractors look for the cause of health issues and symptoms and do not merely attempt to mask them with drugs or surgery. At Pure Chiropractic we believe that education is vital to the healing process and we hope that this helps you understand that with a clear nervous system your life, and your families’ lives can be much better.

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