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Drug-Induced Diseases

The term ‘drug-induced diseases’ sounds like a paradox. Drugs or medications are taken to treat diseases. The last thing one would expect is that the medication used to relieve discomfort would actually do harm!

‘Drug-induced diseases’ refer to those adverse effects of drugs that are serious enough for the patient to consult a doctor or get hospitalized. The effects may persist even after the treatment with the drug has been discontinued.

Drug induced disease or Iatrogenic disease kill roughly 250,000 annually,

Diseases caused by drugs can be either predictable or unpredictable. Predictable effects are an extension of the normal pharmacological effects of the drug. For example, blood thinners (anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs) that are used to prevent clotting of blood can cause bleeding as a side effect. Several anti-diabetes medications like insulin and sulfonylureas can cause low blood glucose levels.

Depending on their severity, drug-induced diseases may be classified as mild, moderate, severe, or lethal if they cause death.

Drug induced diseases can affect every organ in your body. People with multiple medical conditions are especially susceptible to drug induced diseases as multiple medications can act and interact differently in the body.

Your first line of defense should be drug-free wellness options like dietary changes, exercise, and chiropractic care. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves from the inside out. Putting drugs into your body just covers up symptoms. If medications are unavoidable, make sure you ask questions regarding side effects and take all potential side effects seriously.

You are your own best first line of defense, listen to your body.



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