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Welcome to Pure Chiropractic!

Our team is here to serve you and your family. We utilize the most advanced techniques in Chiropractic today and specialize at the removal of nervous system interference. We are excited to serve this community with excellence and form lasting relationships with the people that live here!

Join us on our Mission to make the beautiful city of Downers Grove the healthiest community in the wo
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" I have been going to this practice for a little over a year now. I have dealt with osteoarthritis for many years and have had different treatments throughout this time. Since going to this practice, I am practically pain free. It is amazing. You need to keep up your maintenance to remain successful. I would recommend this treatment and this location to anyone who might be dealing with chronic issues. Dr. Erick is very thorough and listens to how you are feeling."

Susan S. / Google 

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"Commercial Electrician for 5 years. Ladders, trenches ect. 60 hrs a week. Very demanding lifestyle, but lower back wouldn't allow me to be happy obviously work gets done, but I felt done physically! When I got home, I couldn't run around with my kids. I couldn't give time to my wife. Surely after the first few adjustments i started to feel looser and happier. Headaches were gone. Pain was gone, and now I can definitely play with my kids when I get home. Also my wide can give me a to do list. This is the life style I wanted for 3 years. I can't believe I ignored something so important please trust this chiropractic team. They will make you feel GREAT. GOD BLESS."

Jamal I. / Google


​"I've had shoulder pain due to an injury in November 2016. I've been to chiropractors (who used traditional hand method), to acupuncture, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and even tried myo clinic pain needling. None of them gave me long lasting effects until I visited Dr. Erick in July of 2022. It feels like magic, and I can finaly see a pain free life where I can even do dishes without pain! I thought I would never play violin profeccionally ever again, but now I see hope! Thank you Dr. Erick for changing my life!

Natalie D. / Google

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