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Theresa had been struggling with left hip pain for months on end with no solution in sight. After visiting countless Doctor’s offices and leaving with more questions than answers she was running out of options. This took a toll on her knee joints and they began to wear down from the imbalances in her spine and hips. This made it difficult to do the things she loved to do and excel in her workplace. In an attempt to find a solution, she decided to try neurologically based chiropractic care.

Utilizing Pure Chiropractic’s state of the art technology to get an exact assessment of nerve interference as well as the scientific approach to analyze and assess the spine, a corrective care plan was implemented.


After one adjustment, the hip pain improved and the knee pain was nearly gone. Not only was the pain reduced to nearly zero after the first adjustment but Theresa was now able to have her quality of life restored and continue to do the things that are important to her thanks to neurologically based chiropractic care.