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 Mark had struggled with Lower Back Pain that had plagued him for years with no solution in sight. After visiting countless Doctor’s offices and leaving with more questions than answers his only two options we’re cortisone injections to cover up the symptoms or surgery to try to fix the problem. With an open mind he went for 2nd and 3rd opinions from multiple Doctors from different professions and finally found something that would get him the results he needed.

A thorough specific neurological evaluation was completed using Pure Chiropractic’s state of the art technology to get an exact assessment of nerve interference and any problem areas Mark may have. After careful analysis a specific plan was created for Mark’s case and the corrective care plan was implemented.


After three adjustment the Low Back Pain nearly resolved and after 4 weeks of consistent care Mark was back at 100% doing the things that are important to him. If you think your family, friends, and loved ones may benefit from Neurologically Based Chiropractic Care schedule your appointment today!